Pub Quiz - Week 1

Test your knowledge!

1. Force is measured in ?

a) Kilograms
b) Newtons
c) BPI

2. What is the capital city of Guyana?

a) Bridgetown
b) Georgetown
c) Nairobi
d) Maputh

3. Kylie Minogue has recently recommenced her World Tour after postponing dates due to her breast cancer diagnosis, what is the Tour called?

a) Showgirl
b) Red Blooded Woman
c) Automatic
d) Better the devil you know

4. Who was Henry VIII's successor?

a) Elizabeth I
b) Mary
c) Edward V
d) James I

5. Who did Bristol Rovers play in the first round of the FA Cup on 11th November 2006?

a) Hull City
b) Barrow FC
c) Doncaster Rovers
d) Accrington Stanley

6. Harry Nilson recorded the album Pussy Cats, but which Beatle produced it?

a) Paul McCartney
b) John Lennon
c) Ringo Starr
d) George Harrison

7. An estimated 60% of older women in Japan are suffering from the depressive social condition RHS. What is RHS?

a) Residential Home Sociaphobia
b) Retired Husband Syndrome
c) Relaxation Habition Suffering
d) Retarded Housework Symptoms

8. People often ask for a website's URL. What does this stand for?

a) Uniform Reference Link
b) Unique Resource Locator
c) Universal Reference Link
d) Uniform Resource Locator

9. Which Porsche appears at number 49, in the BBC Book by Richard Porter: 'Crap Cars'?

a) Porsche 911
b) Porsche Boxster
c) Porsche 924
d) Porsche Carrera

10. Steve Redgrave first competed in which Olympic Games?

a) 1984 - Los Angeles
b) 1988 - Seoul
c) 1992 - Barcelona
d) 1996 - Atlanta

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