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Pub Quiz - Week 10

Test your knowledge!

1. What is the chemical symbol for tin?

a) TN
b) AU
c) SN
d) TI

2. What unusual custom will be taking place on hills around England on Spring Bank Holiday Monday?

a) Morris Dancing
b) Cheese Rolling
c) Picnicking
d) Sun Bathing

3. Name the father of Scott, John, Virgil, Gordon and Alan?

a) Roger Tracy
b) Peter Tracy
c) Jeff Tracy
d) Tony Tracy

4. Nemo, in the animation Finding Nemo, was what type of fish?

a) Red Fin Shark
b) Yellow Tang
c) Lion Fish
d) Clown Fish

5. What is the current number 1 bottled soft drink outselling all others in licensed premises in the UK?

a) Bitvic Orange
b) Ginger Ale
c) J2o
d) Bottled water

6. What was the surname of the Major in Fawlty Towers, played by Ballard Berkerley?

a) Smith
b) Rawlson
c) Manwaring
d) Gowen

7. In the 1986 film Top Gun, what was the call sign of Lt Pete Mitchell?

a) Goose
b) Ice Man
c) Jester
d) Maverick

8. Who was the Roman Goddess of flowers and fruit?

a) Ceres
b) Minerva
c) Flora
d) Vesta

9. Which is not one of Henry VIIIís children?

a) Edward VI
b) Elizabeth I
c) Mary I
d) Richard III

10. Which is not written by the author Dan Brown?

a) The Holy Order
b) Deception Point
c) The Da Vinci Code
d) Digital Fortress

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