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Pub Quiz - Week 11

Test your knowledge!

1.In the film Moulin Rouge, which pop singer played the green fairy?

a) Maddona
b) Kylie
c) Will Young
d) Jonathan Ross
2.Which car producing company is not owned by the Ford Motor Company?

a) Land Rover
b) Jaguar
c) Aston Martin
d) Chrysler
3.The largest container ship in the world is the Emma Mærsk, but how long is she?

a) 347m
b) 397m
c) 447m
d) 557m
4. In the Olympic sport of Slalom Canoeing, what must a contestant do at a pair of red and white vertical poles?

a) Capsize
b) Paddle down stream between them
c) Paddle up stream between them
d) Throw their paddle between them
5. Which is the deepest lake in England?

a) Lake Bala
b) Wastwater
c) Windermere
d) Loch Ness
6. At what temperature in Fahrenheit does water boil?

a) 100
b) 112
c) 132
d) 212
7. If all the shapes below have the same area, which has the shortest perimeter?

a) Circle
b) Square
c) Equilateral Triangle
d) Rectangle
8. The artist John Constable was born in which century?

a) 16th
b) 17th
c) 18th
d) 19th
9. A halyard on a boat is used to do what?

a) Pull up the sails
b) Tie up at the jetty
c) Hold the kettle on the stove
d) Measure the height of waves
10. Which is the highest pub in Britain?

a) Tan Inn, Swaledale
b) Kirkstone Pass Inn, Cumbria
c) The Warren House Inn, Dartmoor
d) The Cat & Fiddle Inn, Macclesfield

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