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Pub Quiz - Week 12

Test your knowledge!

1. Which one of these words is a synonym of vacant?

a) Full
b) Crowded
c) Vast
d) Empty

2. What sort of creature is a Red Swordtail?

a) Butterfly
b) Fish
c) Bird
d) Beetle

3. If I double a number, add 6 to it, divide it by 2 and end with 6, what was the number that I started with?

a) 12
b) 4
c) 6
d) 3

4. Where in Britain are the Crown Jewels kept?

a) The Tower of London
b) Buckingham Palace
c) Victoria & Albert Museum
d) Royal Mint

5. Which is the highest fraction?

a) 3/4
b) 5/5
c) 4/2
d) 7/19

6. What is stored in a scabbard?

a) Shot
b) A Sword
c) A huntsman's lunch
d) Spare socks

7. Which biblical character's hair was cut off by Delilah?

a) Peter
b) Joseph
c) John the Baptist
d) Samson

8. Is the Krona used as money in:

a) Poland
b) Sweden
c) Romania
d) Ireland

9. What was the name of the ship Sir Francis Drake sailed around the world in?

a) Pelican
b) Britannia
c) Explorer
d) HMS Majestic

10. The Tiber river flows through which European capital city?

a) Vienna
b) London
c) Paris
d) Rome

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