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Pub Quiz - Week 14

Test your knowledge!

1. Which has the larger ears?

a) American Elephant
b) Ardennes Elephant
c) African Elephant
d) Asian Elephant

2. Tesco’s revenue for the 52 weeks leading to 25th February 2006 was:

a) £3bn
b) £38bn
c) £277bn
d) £942bn

3. Which of the following counties does not border Lancashire?

a) Cumbria
b) Merseyside
c) North Yorkshire
d) Derbyshire

4. 2.5% of the world’s population died in the 20th Century because of what?

a) World War II
b) Scurvy
c) Aircraft accidents
d) Famine

5. How is Dutch elm disease spread?

a) Water borne
b) Elm bark beetle
c) Beech nuts
d) Shed leaves

6. The rock band Franz Ferdinand were formed in which UK city?

a) Cardiff
b) London
c) Glasgow
d) Birmingham

7. Which is the most popular radio station in the UK (2006)?

a) Radio 1
b) Radio 2
c) Virgin Radio
d) Century FM

8. What does MOT (test) stand for?

a) Maintenance of Transport
b) Maintenance of Traffic
c) Ministry of Transport
d) Mode of Transport

9. From what is the word ‘biscuit’ derived from?

a) Latin/Middle French ‘twice cooked’
b) Gallo-Italian ‘well cooked’
c) Castilian ‘over cooked’
d) Oghuz ‘baked dough’

10. When curdling milk to make cheese, which of the following is not a common additional ingredient?

a) Rennet
b) Bacteria
c) Flavouring Agents
d) Self-raising flour

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