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Pub Quiz - Week 15

Test your knowledge!

1. What is the world’s smallest bird?

a) Gold Crest
b) Bee Hummingbird
c) Robin
d) Chaffinch

2. Which country has a maple leaf as it’s national emblem?

a) Wales
b) Canada
c) New Zealand
d) Africa

3. What gas do you find in champagne?

a) Carbon Dioxide
b) Oxygen
c) Carbon Monoxide
d) Argon

4. Which is the larger ocean?

a) Indian
b) Southern
c) Atlantic
d) Arctic

5. Where in the human body is the bone the ‘radius’?

a) Thigh
b) Toe
c) Ear
d) Forearm

6. In which borough is it illegal to walk more than four dogs at once?

a) Kensington and Chelsea
b) Brent
c) Hounslow
d) Camden

7. Who started alongside Keanu Reeves for the first time in 10 years as his ‘future girl’ in The Lakehouse?

a) Nicole Kidman
b) Sandra Bullock
c) Kate Winslet
d) Kiera Knightley

8. Which is the odd one out?

a) Thyme
b) Basil
c) Cinnamon
d) Sage

9. Whose Gold ranked album ‘Wanted’ reached number 11 in the UK charts in November 2001?

a) Cliff Richard
b) Robbie Williams
c) Darius
d) Tony Christie

10. In which country did walnuts originate?

a) Argentina
b) China
c) Turkey
d) Scotland

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