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Pub Quiz - Week 16

Test your knowledge!

1. At what depth did Tanya Streeter set the world’s deepest free dive?

a) 100m
b) 120m
c) 140m
d) 160m

2. Bill Gates is the world’s richest man, but who is the second richest person as of March 2007?

a) Paul Allen
b) Larry Ellison
c) Warren Buffett
d) Roman Abramovich

3. In what year did the government introduce cats’ eyes onto British roads?

a) 1928
b) 1947
c) 1953
d) 1970

4. What is the minimum legal tread depth required on a car tyre?

a) 1.2mm
b) 1.4mm
c) 1.6mm
d) 1.8mm

5. Which is the tallest breed of dog?

a) English Mastiff
b) Irish Wolfhound
c) St Bernard
d) Great Dane

6. Who originally narrated the television series ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’?

a) John Lennon
b) Paul McCartney
c) Ringo Starr
d) George Harrison

7. Who was the author of the novel ‘The Gambler’?

a) Fyodor Dostoyevsky
b) Victor Hugo
c) Leo Tolstoy
d) Anton Chekov

8. Which of these is not an ingredient in a traditional Bakewell Tart?

a) Ground Almonds
b) Shortcrust Pastry
c) Apple
d) Jam

9. Which of these is not a type of arch form?

a) Horseshoe
b) Three-centred
c) Lancet
d) Bullet

10. In which decade did Robbie Robinson transfer away from Liverpool Football Club?

a) 1900’s
b) 1910’s
c) 1920’s
d) 1930’s

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