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Pub Quiz - Week 17

Test your knowledge!

1. In the Jewish religion what is the name given to their holy book?

a) Kuran
b) The New Testament
c) Tanakh
d) Tripitaka

2. How many official Bond films did Sean Connery star in?

a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7

3. The world’s only 7-Star hotel is the Burj Al Arab in Dubai but which golfer was paid to hit golf balls off their helipad?

a) Brett Wetterich
b) Tiger Woods
c) Vijay Singh
d) Ernie Els

4. On the 17th March 1845 the elastic band was patented by whom?

a) Stephen Perry
b) Perry Mason
c) Stephen Mason
d) Postman Pat

5. Chinchillas originate from the rocky mountain ranges of which country?

a) Spain
b) Algeria
c) South America
d) Morocco

6. The Tour De France has been won seven times by one man. Who?

a) Jacques Anquetil
b) Eddy Merckx
c) Miguel Indurain
d) Lance Armstrong

7. Which of these is not a web computer language?

a) Javascript
c) Commodore
d) CSS

8. Which metal has the highest melting point?

a) Tungsten
b) Titanium
c) Tin
d) Zinc

9. As part of the switch over to digital television the analogue television signal will be turned off in which Northern town first?

a) Newcastle
b) Macclesfield
c) Blackpool
d) Whitehaven

10. Which Inn was recently featured on the British TV programme Most Haunted?

a) The Brotherswater Inn, Ullswater
b) The Golden Fleece, York
c) The New Inn, Hereford
d) The Exchange Hotel, Farnham

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