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Pub Quiz - Quiz 18

Test your knowledge!

1. Which is the largest desert in the world?

a) Arabian
b) Sahara
c) Great Sandy
d) Kalahari

2. What is the correct name given to a camel with two humps?

a) Dromedary
b) Bihumps
c) Gobi
d) Bactrian

3. The wood in the centre of a tree has a special name. What is it called?

a) Sapwood
b) Heartwood
c) Trunk
d) Hardwood

4. What is the most common public house name?

a) The Crown
b) Red Lion
c) The Ship
d) White Lion

5. Who played the Nutty Professor in the film by the same name?

a) Danny DeVito
b) Jack Nicholson
c) Eddy Murphy
d) Michael J. Fox

6. Where did Paddington Bear come from?

a) Peru
b) Mongolia
c) Russia
d) Ireland

7. Julia Roberts played along side Jude Law in which film?

a) Pretty Woman
b) Cold Mountain
c) Notting Hill
d) Closer

8. What parrot is known as the most talkative?

a) African gray parrot
b) Eclecttus Parrot
c) Red Bellied Parrot
d) Senegal Parrot

9. What was the name of the puppet Keith Harris used for his ventriloquist act?

a) Benny
b) Emu
c) Orville
d) Freddie

10. What was the 2007 Comic Relief song?

a) Amarillo
b) Iím gonna be (500 miles)
c) Do they know itís Christmas?
d) Thereís no-one quite like Grandma

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