Pub Quiz - Week 2

Test your knowledge!

1. Which is the adverb in this sentence ? The young boy played
mischievously with his neighbour's cat.

a) Young
b) Played
c) Mischievously
d) Neighbour's

2. What's the term for a crack in the Earth's surface ?

a) Crater
b) Crevasse
c) Fault
d) Rupture

3. Which one of the following, was Thor not Viking God of ?

a) Farming
b) War
c) Rain & Wind
d) Sun

4. How many miles away from the sun, approximately, is the Earth ?

a) 9 hundred thousand
b) 9 million
c) 90 million
d) 90 billion

5. Igneous and sedimentary rocks can turn into what ?

a) Metamorphic Rock
b) Each other
c) Calcuim
d) Granite

6. Whose latest book is named 'Soul of a Butterfly' ?

a) Steven King
b) Muhammad Ali
c) George Clooney
d) Tom Waits

7. Which decade was the National Health service started in Britain ?

a) 30's
b) 40's
c) 50's
d) 60's

8. What sort of creature is a salamander ?

a) Reptile
b) Amphibian
c) Insect
d) Bird

9. Which cricketer won BBC's Strictly Come Dancing ?

a) Andrew Flintoff
b) Ian Bell
c) Darren Gough
d) Paul Collingwood

10. Which famous comic actor appears in the new movie 'Tenacious D' ?

a) Tom Hanks
b) Jim Carrey
c) Adam Sandler
d) Jack Black

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