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Pub Quiz - Quiz 20

Test your knowledge!

1. Who was Prime Minister of Britain when the First World War broke out?

a) Herbert Asquith
b) David Lloyd-George
c) Stanley Baldwin
d) Sir Henry Campbell

2. In which year did David Livingstone discover the Victoria Falls in Africa?

a) 1852
b) 1853
c) 1855
d) 1857

3. Who was the first monarch of the House of Windsor?

a) Edward VII
b) George V
c) Queen Victoria
d) George VI

4. . “When Irish eyes are smiling” was written by George Graff, from which country did he come from?

a) Ireland
b) Austria
c) Scotland
d) Germany

5. In which year was the Gregorian calendar introduced?

a) 1427
b) 1505
c) 1528
d) 1601

6. What is made up of an inner and outer core, mantle and crust?

a) An Onion
b) The cross section of a tree trunk
c) Golf Ball
d) The Earth

7. Which way do the “Trade Winds” blow?

a) East to West
b) West to East
c) North to South
d) South to East

8. How long is a nautical mile or knot?

a) 5280 ft
b) 5420 ft
c) 6100 ft
d) 6076 ft

9. What was John Chapman better known as in Ohio in the early 1800’s?

a) Johnny Appleseed
b) Davy Crocket
c) Jim Bowie
d) The Lone Ranger

10. What is the birthstone for September?

a) Topaz
b) Ruby
c) Sapphire
d) Garnet

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