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Pub Quiz - Quiz 23

Test your knowledge!

1. A standard EC size 4 egg weighs how many Grams?

a) Under 40
b) 40 - 50
c) 55 - 60
d) 65 - 70

2. What temperature in degrees centigrade is gas mark 7 equal to?

a) 190
b) 200
c) 220
d) 240

3. How much liquid does a level tablespoon hold?

a) 5ml
b) 10ml
c) 15ml
d) 20ml

4. From which animal do we get cashmere?

a) Llama
b) Goat
c) Sheep
d) Rabbit

5. Which fish cannot close its mouth?

a) Guppy
b) Ray
c) Perch
d) Lamprey

6. Who is depicted on the reverse of a £5 note in 2007?

a) Charles Darwin
b) Elizabeth Fry
c) Florence Nightingale
d) Winston Churchill

7. Which bird eats with its head upside down?

a) Grouse
b) Swan
c) Flamingo
d) Pelican

8. What is ‘Mysophobia’ a fear of?

a) Cats
b) Flying
c) Insects
d) Dirt

9. Who wrote the novel ‘The Wizard of Oz’?

a) R.L. Stevenson
b) Jonathon Swift
c) Jack London
d) L. Frank Baum

10. In which county is Pennyhole Bay?

a) Essex
b) Sussex
c) Dorset
d) Devon

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