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Pub Quiz - Quiz 24

Test your knowledge!

1. The war of ‘Jenkins Ear’ was between England and which other country?

a) France
b) Portugal
c) Holland
d) Spain

2. A car with the letter ‘E’ badge is from which country?

a) Estonia
b) Portugal
c) Holland
d) Spain

3. What was the real name of the author Lewis Carroll?

a) James Robert Buttridge
b) Peter William Gladcoats
c) William Brotherton-Jeffries
d) Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

4. When purchasing a house, at what value does ‘Stamp Duty’ start to apply?

a) £50,000
b) £60,000
c) £70,000
d) £80,000

5. What percentage of the purchase price of a property would be payable in ‘Stamp Duty’ if the cost was over £500,000?

a) 1%
b) 3%
c) 4%
d) 5%

6. In which war was the ‘Blitz’?

a) 1st World War
b) 2nd World War
c) Bore War
d) Falkland Isles

7. Who was pope during the Second World War?

a) John XXIII
b) Benedict XV
c) Gregory XVI
d) Pius XII

8. Who wrote the play ‘Loot’?

a) Harold Pinter
b) Joe Orton
c) Lion Stoppard
d) Arthur Miller

9. What is the hallmark symbol for the Assay Office in Birmingham?

a) Anchor
b) Crown
c) Lions Head
d) Castle

10. What was Elvis’s middle name?

a) Aaron
b) Marcus
c) Peter
d) Jessie

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