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Pub Quiz - Quiz 25

Test your knowledge!

1. In which Dickens novel does Noah Claypole appear?

a) A Christmas Carol
b) Great Expectations
c) Oliver Twist
d) Bleak House

2. What is added to copper to make bronze?

a) Tin
b) Zinc
c) Nickel
d) Carbon

3. What is the collective word for geese?

a) Charm
b) Flock
c) Swarm
d) Gaggle

4. In which year did Queen Victoria start her reign?

a) 1837
b) 1851
c) 1820
d) 1821

5. What is a young antelope called?

a) Calf
b) Cub
c) Kid
d) Fawn

6. Of which South American country is Caracas the capital?

a) Colombia
b) Nicaragua
c) El Salvador
d) Venezuela

7. Who was Prime Minister of Great Britain when the 20th Century started?

a) Marquis Of Salisbury
b) William Gladstone
c) Arthur Balfour
d) Herbert Asquith

8. How many fliud ounces in one pint?

a) 16
b) 8
c) 32
d) 20

9. How many lbs (pounds) in one CWT (hundredweight)?

a) 100
b) 112
c) 14
d) 96

10. How is the number 10 (ten) written in binary form?

a) 10
b) 1001
c) 1010
d) 1100

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