Pub Quiz - Week 4

Test your knowledge!

1. Which of the following are not to be found in a packet of Revels?

a) Coffee Cream Centres
b) Peanut Centres
c) Strawberry Cream Centres
d) Orange Cream Centres

2. 3 of the following have recently been proclaimed the fittest regions to live in. Which one topped the laziest list?

a) Richmond upon Thames
b) Macclesfield
c) Kensington and Chelsea, Hart and Hampshire
d) Boston, Lincolnshire

3. Who is seen historically as the First Commoner of the Land, and can punish MPs?

a) The Earl of Oxford
b) Speaker of the British House of Commons
c) The 6th Marquess of Bristol
d) Farmer in Charge on The Prince’s Estate in Cornwall

4. Which of the following will you not find in Eton Mess?

a) Strawberries
b) Meringues
c) Cream
d) Pastry

5. What is the name of the Rugby Football League team in Wakefield?

a) Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
b) Wakefield Trinity Wanderers
c) Wakefield Trinity Wolves
d) Wakefield Trinity Whirlwinds

6. Who stars alongside Renée Zellweger in 2007’s Miss Potter?

a) Jude Law
b) George Clooney
c) Daniel Craig
d) Ewan McGregor

7. What do crickets have on their front legs?

a) Ears
b) Orange Spots
c) Venomous Barbs
d) Eyes

8. Amongst history’s earliest brewers, who decreed that any commercial beer maker who sold unfit beer would be drowned in his/her own libation?

a) Ancient Greeks
b) Aztecs
c) Ancient Babylonians
d) Vikings

9. Selfridge’s famous Christmas department, complete with decorated Christmas trees, is open from early in which month?

a) August
b) September
c) October
d) November

10. A poinsettia cocktail does not contain which of the following?

a) Dry Sparkling White Wine
b) Vodka
c) Tomato Juice
d) Cranberry Juice

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