Pub Quiz - Week 5

Test your knowledge!

1. The poem we know as ‘‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ is correctly named:

a) ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas
b) Christmas Eve
c) A Visit from St. Nicholas
d) Enchantment on Christmas Eve

2. The poem was written by:

a) Clement Clarke Moore
b) Joaquin Miller
c) Charles Bernstein
d) E. E. Cummings

3. It was published for the first time in the New York newspaper ‘Sentinel’ on:

a) December 23rd 1823
b) December 24th 1823
c) December 23rd 1918
d) December 24th 1918

4. When is the Feast of Stephen?

a) 6th December
b) 12th December
c) 26th December
d) 1st January

5. Who was Scrooge’s dead business partner in ‘A Christmas Carol’?

a) Tiny Tim
b) Bob Cratchit
c) Jacob Marley
d) Bill Sykes

6. Which country do poinsettias originally come from?

a) Brazil
b) Madagascar
c) Peru
d) Mexico

7. Good King Wenceslas was King of which country?

a) Poland
b) Germany
c) Bohemia
d) Czechoslovakia

8. When is the Feast of St Nicholas?

a) 6th December
b) 12th December
c) 26th December
d) 1st January

9. In Richard Curtis’s film Love Actually, what did Karen (Emma Thompson), sister to the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) make for a nativity play, while her brother ‘stood up and fought for his country’?

a) Wire angel wings
b) A balsa wood manger
c) A Papier-mâché lobster head
d) Octopus legs from green stockings and newspaper

10. What is thought to be the reason for King Herod the Great’s death?

a) Death by Execution
b) Natural Causes – Old Age
c) Gangrene and Kidney Disease
d) Death by Assassination - Antipater

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