Pub Quiz - Week 8

Test your knowledge!

1. The genus Quercus is the classification of which tree?

a) Oak
b) Beech
c) Spruce
d) Maple

2. Quality Street are made by which chocolate manufacturer?

a) Cadbury's
b) Mars
c) Nestle
d) Rowntree

3. The Aztecs established the original Mexico City, Tenochtitlan, in which century?

a) 4th Century
b) 14th Century
c) 2nd Century
d) 12th Century

4. The University of Bath phased out the use of which of these, following concerns over allergies?

a) A4 Feint Ruled Refill Pads
b) Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash
c) Oxford-Durden German/English Dictionaries
d) Disposable Powdered Latex Gloves

5. Sister Wendy Beckett was born in:

a) Wales
b) Germany
c) South Africa
d) Japan

6. What is tallow?

a) Fat rendered from beef or mutton
b) Fat rendered from pigs
c) Fat rendered from geese
d) Fat rendered from corn

7. Beatrix Potter retired to the Lake District. Where did she spend her childhood?

a) Leeds
b) Lake District
c) London
d) Manchester

8. The goldfish is a/an:

a) Marine fish
b) Carp
c) Invertebrate
d) Arthropod

9. Following his death on Christmas Day 2006, why had the burial of James Brown still not taken place as of 12th January 2007?

a) Post-Mortem
b) Embalmed for display
c) Family Feud over his Will
d) No space in the Cemetery

10. A Flokati is:

a) A vine-leaf wrapped sushi dish
b) A Greek woven rug
c) An Italian ice-cream dessert
d) A Cuban cocktail

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