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Wr came to this pub. For a meal and this was the best choice I ever made t...
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Visited at 4pm yesterday. There were only a handful of people in the resta...
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A friendly welcome and a lovely meal, plenty of good quality food, we had ...



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Pub Quiz - Quiz 26

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Test your knowledge!

1. What meteorological superstition is attached to St. Swithin’s Day?

a) Cloud
b) Wind
c) Rain
d) Snow

2. What is the 5th (fifth) letter of the Greek alphabet?

a) Zeta
b) Epsilon
c) Eta
d) Omega

3. Where will you find ‘Buttertubs Pass’?

a) Scottish Highlands
b) Lake District
c) Yorkshire Dales
d) Dartmoor

4. Which river flows into the Irish Sea at Fleetwood?

a) Lune
b) Wyre
c) Alt
d) Ribble

5. What is a Glengarry?

a) Whiskey
b) Golf Term
c) Hat
d) Tartan

6. A Boeing 747 weighs approximately the same as how many African elephants?

a) 25
b) 55
c) 125
d) 225

7. What was Trotsky’s first name?

a) Leon
b) Louis
c) Arthur
d) Herbert

8. Which country-dwelling character was first introduced in the 1930 novel ‘Murder at the Vicarage’?

a) Sherlock Holmes
b) Miss Marple
c) Boston Blackie
d) Charlie Chan

9. In Islamic mythology, Adam and Eve went to which island after being expelled from the Garden of Eden?

a) Crete
b) Malta
c) Sri Lanka
d) Cyprus

10. Which of the following is not a North American Great Lake?

a) Lake Erie
b) Lake Hurron
c) Lake Simcoe
d) Lake Superior

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