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Rating:5 Stars
Wr came to this pub. For a meal and this was the best choice I ever made t...
Rating:1 Star
Visited at 4pm yesterday. There were only a handful of people in the resta...
Rating:5 Stars
A friendly welcome and a lovely meal, plenty of good quality food, we had ...




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Average Rating
Food 60%
Value for Money 60%
Service 50%
Menu Choice 50%
Hospitality 60%
Overall 56%
Average Price Rating
1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
£ = inexpensive
££££ = expensive
3 Stars
(2 Reviews)


12 Heol Beili Glas, Llanelli, Dyfed,
SA14 8DT
Telephone: 01554757838
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    Customer Recommendations for this pub.

    Reviewed 15-Sep-2013 by unhappyfeet (1)  
    Food: 1 Star Value for Money: 1 Star Service: 1 Star
    Menu Choice: 1 Star Hospitality: 1 Star Price: 1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
    **** AVIOD POOR FOOD! POOR SERVICE! POOR HYGIENE! POOR MANAGEMENT! AVIOD **** You get what you pay for at this place. Cheap food = bad food and service etc... Me my wife and step son have moved into the area recently and found all the welsh people nice and helpful so we decided to support our local pub/restaurant the Tafarn Y Felinon in the first week and the found it to be half full we ordered our meal (gammon, steak and soup meals) which took 45 minutes and the gammon was over cooked (requiring a chain saw to cut it) and my steak was not medium but cremated! We put this down to the pub being half full so we chanced the place once more on the 12/09/2013 early evening (very quite) . We choose a table went up to the bar and ordered our food and drink as normal (cod and chips, BBQ chicken and wedges & a soup. This again took 45 minutes to arrive which had no reason to that late being the place was empty! Without prompting my step son said his cod tasted funny so my wife who has worked for the biggest of hotels in the south of England as a chef had a taste and looked further. We both could see the colour of the batter was too dark either to over cooking or old oil being re-used!!! Further inspection found it dripping inside with oil and the center not cooked!!! Also we found the peas to have a brown tinge to them which shows they were over cooked and when tasted also tasteless! We politely asked at the bar for it to be re-cooked. After a few minutes I noticed a man at the bar from the kitchen (later I found out this was the chef/manager/owner) with his back turned talking to the bar staff in front of customers looking quite angry. Our replacement cod and chips arrived after 20 minutes and the lady offered jack a free drink which he said yes too. My step son found the cod to be dark and very oily & the peas still over cooked (possibly the same ones) again. After 15-20 minutes I walked up to the bar and asked for the drink that was offered to my step son. My step son finished his meal 10-15 minutes later but left his batter to the side being he was scared of having a heart attack! (my step son is 14) At this point he still hadn't received his drink and we were being ignored by the staff. A different member of staff was sent over to clear away the plates (earlier we had witnessed him bring out a bread roll on a plate with a knife to the table next to us and dropped a knife just before he got to the table but instead of replacing it he put on the plate and served it to the customer! God knows what could be on the floor!) and my wife explained to him we were very unhappy with the service and food and wanted a part refund or/and apology due to it all. A man walked over to us with a smile on his face asked us "what's up man!". We explained everything above and he just walked off. So we waited for 10 minutes for him to return but he didn't so I went to the bar and asked what was happening and he said "happening with what" I replied well are you going to at least say sorry for the poor service and he said nothing! I explain I was going to write this review due to poor service, food, staff & management. He said nothing! Please AVIOD
    Reviewed 08-Oct-2010 by dai4motion (1)  
    Food: 5 Stars Value for Money: 5 Stars Service: 4 Stars
    Menu Choice: 4 Stars Hospitality: 5 Stars Price: 1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
    Only called there recentley but what a real enjoyable afternoon cant really pick any faults. As well as a fantastic meal at an incredibly affordable price you also have the bonus of panoramic views over the town and beyond...Highly recommend.
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    4 Stars
    5 Stars

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